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The Woods & Co is a recognized leader in beauty, health, and wellness. We have a proven track record for strategic and cost-effective marketing platforms that are geared towards increasing brand awareness and distribution opportunities, thus driving sales. Our media outreach is both national and regional in scope and positions your products and the people behind them to the broadest spectrum of media categories.  We are known for our innovation, imagination, and relationships.

Meet Susan Woods

What We Do

Public Relations

We have spent the past 18 years cultivating relationships with top beauty, health, fitness and fashion editors, broadcast producers, bloggers and influencers, and establishing The Woods & Co as one of the most creative, cost-effective and results driven PR firms. Our media relations outreach includes national and regional television, newspapers, magazines, trades, blogs, social media influencers and YouTube stars. Beyond one-on-one outreach, we regularly host parties and events that simultaneously showcase a cross-section of our client base.

Social Media

Our community building tactics go back to brass tacks, utilizing creative prompts, contests, giveaways and seeding to organically grow your customer base without depleting your budget. The Woods & Co provides a strategic platform across all social media channels to increase not only your Google Analytics and fan base, but your bottom line, customers. Our digital team will grow your Instagram following quickly and organically without ever resorting to buying followers, an important component in retailers perceiving your brand as credible and having a critical mass.

Experiential Marketing

We love experiential marketing. Why? Because it has the ability to engage, entertain and leave consumers reveling in the experience. It heightens the connection between you and your consumer base. Content derived from these marketing tactics can be utilized across traditional and social media platforms – ensuring the experience is not forgotten. Recent projects include informal fashion shows and guerrilla projections on New York City landmarks, including the Guggenheim and Empire State building, all assisted by street teams.

Content Creation

The reigning buzz term in marketing, content, is king. Short form videos and the right plan to encourage them to go viral are emerging as a key component in marketing. We work with a seasoned group of videographers to drive conversation, educate and inform.

Susan Woods

Meet Susan Woods

Principal of The Woods & Co, Woods has over 18 years of experience in marketing of consumer lifestyle, health, fitness and beauty products, and the people behind them. Prior to launching The Woods & Co, she co-founded Crier Communications, bicoastal public relations firm with an expertise in food and health. Under her initiative and guidance, Crier branched out into fitness and beauty and opened a New York City office.

Before Crier, Woods received her degree in Art History and Journalism at New York University and was awarded a membership in Kappa Tau Alpha, a national journalism honor society. After graduation, she worked in marketing for New York’s Whitney Museum and Museum of Modern Art.

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